Community Enterprise Hubs

A network of community enterprise hubs across towns and villages in the South Pennines region to support local businesses, community groups, residents and visitors.

Why are community enterprise hubs important?

Independent analysts now estimate that around 4.2 million people across the UK now work some or all of the time from home. There has also been an exponential growth in back bedroom enterprise since 2000 with now an estimated 5.2 million businesses in total now contributing to the UK economy.

Community enterprise hubs support the local economy and communities in which we live. They provide a centre where local businesses can access information, get help and admin support. Community enterprise hubs also allow telecommuters to have a base in the local community where they can meet, have a coffee, do some work, and network. They can enjoy a better work - life balance and spend more time with friends and family rather than enduring the punishing endurance of commuter travel every day.

Having fast broadband and relevant e skills now allows workers to connect remotely from home to their places of work. If they are running their own businesses, owners can also interact with customers and suppliers online. There is no longer the requirement to commute into our towns and cities every day, suffer the stress of overcrowded trains and roads, and waste money unnecessarily on expensive commuter costs. If people are able to work in the community in which they live, they are also more likely to spend their money locally.

However, not everyone has fit-for-purpose broadband. They may also need to develop their e skills, require business support, want to network with other business people, or simply go have a coffee away from the office.

A network of local Community enterprise hubs can provide this service and help support local businesses with their online strategies, marketing and sales skills. The hubs could also provide hot desking and meeting room space.

List of hubs

Click here to view SPARC's list of community enterprise hubs