Broadband Benefits

Broadband provides many important features and benefits that can make using the Internet more relaxing, enjoyable and useful. By speeding up what you do online this can make a real difference in your everyday life, whether it be at home or in the workplace.

  1. Fast speeds, with broadband your Internet is much faster than the conventional dial-up connection. A 1Mb service can send and receive information up to 20 times faster than a dial-up connection.
  2. Large volumes of data can be transferred, the high bandwidths that broadband has to offer means that large amounts of data can be sent and received by your PC at a fast rate.
  3. Your Internet is always on, this means that you don’t have the hassle or dialling up or logging on every time you want to access the Internet.
  4. Your telephone line is unaffected, so you can make phone calls from your landline whilst the Internet is running. There is no need to disconnect the internet when you want to make a telephone call.
  5. No surprise charges, broadband providers often charge a standard monthly fee depending on what package you get. This means that you can pay for unlimited Internet access, you do not get charged for the time you spend on the Internet.
  6. Download websites almost instantly, you can enjoy complex web pages with detailed graphics without having to wait for them to load up.
  7. Download music and videos, avoid the queues at the shops by purchasing music and videos online. Downloads can be made online at a fast rate, and you don’t even have to leave your house.
  8. Interact with others in real time, through instant messaging or online interactive games, you can communicate with friends and family around the world.
  9. Running your business, the fast speeds that broadband has to offer and increased volume of data transfer can be used to help a business run more rapidly, efficiently and productively.
  10. Working from home, broadband has led to much faster and efficient communication. This has opened up the opportunity for many people to work from home.
  11. Free phone calls, You can make free phone calls to other online users using services such as Skype.
  12. Filesharing, P2P filesharing for exchanging music, videos etc.