Chapman Bags Case Study

Traditional crafted bags

Carlisle in Cumbria – close to the border region between England Scotland – is home to a globally successful specialist maker of canvas, tweed and leather bags. Chapman Bags derives from a business first founded on the needs of local huntsmen and fishermen who needed robust designs customized for their outdoor pursuits.

Chapman Bags makes all their bags in the Tannery Road factory in Carlisle, Cumbria, part of an old industrial site dating back over 300 years and they use high quality natural British-sourced materials wherever possible.  Most of their employees are Cumbrian born and bred. While some have been with the company for much of their working lives, they are also committed to taking on and training young people, an investment essential to maintaining the technical and craft skills required to manufacture in England – and they have recently launched three new apprentice programmes.

The company sells on a wholesale basis to shops all over the world. With a showroom in London and participation in overseas trade shows at selected locations during the year Chapman Bags maintains a high profile, bolstering their heritage story on the Internet and via small ads in upmarket magazines.

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