Monthly Archives: May 2015

Chapman Bags Case Study

Traditional crafted bags Carlisle in Cumbria – close to the border region between England Scotland – is home to a globally successful specialist maker of canvas, tweed and leather bags. Chapman Bags derives from a business first founded on the needs of local huntsmen and fishermen who needed robust designs customized for their outdoor pursuits. […]

West Coast Sea Products Case Study

A fine catch! This case study shows how the fishermen of Kirkcudbright in Scotland are selling their produce into the kitchens of France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa and USA. From Kirkbudbright, this supposedly sleepy corner of Scotland, West Coast Sea Products Ltd exports 75% of the entire scallop harvest of the UK […]

Guernsey Wool Case Study

Spinning such a good yarn! A specialist wool business in Penzance (in the far west of Cornwall not far from Lands End) finds 40% of its custom via a global Internet platform devoted to the needs of over four million knitting and crochet enthusiasts. Guernsey Wool’s market niche is focused on devotees of hand-knitted Guernseys and […]

Old Bushmills Distillery Case Study

A toast to success! The craft whisky distilleries of Scotland and Northern Ireland developed long before global demands were evident. The Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland was a start-up in 1608 and claims to have been in continuous production ever since. Their locations for these distilleries initially served only local markets.  So much of today’s […]