Old Bushmills Distillery Case Study

A toast to success!

The craft whisky distilleries of Scotland and Northern Ireland developed long before global demands were evident. The Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland was a start-up in 1608 and claims to have been in continuous production ever since.

Their locations for these distilleries initially served only local markets.  So much of today’s high value marketing, the product differentiation, reflects their local ingredients – barley and water from the immediate vicinity.

Whilst high-volume beer brewing became a feature of many industrial towns and cities, the slower, higher-value whisky distillers embraced their remoteness and individuality.  This in turn led to the creation of marketing networks and eventually ownership of many distilleries by major companies (such as Diageo) with the resources to develop a global trade.

Volume production (and pressures to reduce costs of slowly maturing stocks) is not entirely compatible with the nurturing of premium products.  The independent distillers of single malts not only guard their heritage but also thrive on whisky tourism where their remoteness is often part of the attraction.

And probably one good reason why Bushmills Distillery still keeps going.

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